Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The truth about the 'robbery' incident at Basketmouth's lounge

A day after popular comedian Basketmouth officially opened his lounge about a month ago, some armed robbers tried to rob the place. But contrary to reports making the rounds that the robbers invaded and robbed customers of the Lounge, I can tell you for a fact that the report is false. According to people who were at the lounge when the incident occurred, the robbers never got inside because of the armed mobile policemen stationed outside the lounge, who opened fire at the robbers. At least one of the robbers got hit. They disappeared before they could be captured.

And yes, Basketmouth was inside the Lounge when the attempted robbery took place, and yes, people inside panicked when they heard the sound of gunshots outside the bar, but before anyone could really come out to check what was going on, it was all over. Everything happened on the street, not inside the lounge.

Basketmouth and his business partners have doubled security at the lounge since the incident occurred. emBARssy lounge is located at 12 University Rd, Akoka,

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