Friday, 17 August 2012


ail from the roof top
Clasp your hands and gnash your teeth
Shake your head and snap your fingers....
What is going on in our land?
It lingers on every lip;
Innocent lives snatched .....
Families plunged into despair and gloom
Dreams shattered and blurred....
Weary, discouraged, and broken hearted,
We bend our knees again and again in prayer!
When will hope smile on us?

Hope, hope, hope!
Amidst tears and sorrow,
Our hearts quiver
But we will cling to you;

Sometimes the arrows of hope bend in the wake of reality
Sometimes the flashes of hope fade in the light of uncertainty
But in whom, what, and where do we hope?
Hope is what keeps us going,
All we have ever done for our land is hope...
But Hope, when will you rescue us?

Pain is like effervescence from a can;
Suppressed and concealed emotions
Waiting for a pop to gush out...
The tears and groans rush to the top of your chest
Sharp pricks and kicks rush to your heart
Panting for breath and grabbing a seat
You slump and can't hold back....
But He gives beauty for ashes
And He gives peace for every Pain.

Memories triggered by a picture
Memories of a loved one in a lovely moment
But it is all you have now...Memories embodied in glossy pictures
Memories to hold,
Memories to cherish
Memories to pass on.
So when pain wrapped in memories comes knocking now and again,
Unwrap yourself into His Peace now and again.
One day at a time,
One month at a time,
One year at a time.....
May God's Peace embrace you many years down the line....

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