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My Nigerian wife taught me how to pray – Cooreman

I was born in Belgium on the 27th November 1943. I have three children from my first wife now late; two girls and a son, Davy who is a professional footballer in Belgium. My daughters are married with children, and I have six grand children.
Comparing the league in Belgium and in Nigeria
It is impossible to compare the leagues in Europe and in my country to the Nigerian league. Really, there are a lot of differences; talking about good organisation and co-ordination of the league than what  obtains in Nigeria. Over there, coaches and players remunerations are well taken care of.
Also, in my country the football calendars for league schedules are always well set as football followers know when the league is suppose to begin and when it will end. But here in Nigeria, it is a very big problem which needs to be seriously tackled by the FA.
I’m not saying that things don’t go wrong in my country’s league or in Europe but when it does they try to improve on it. That’s how it is supposed to be. But then, what I cherish most here is the budding talents Nigeria has.
My Daily routine
I start off my day with a morning devotion after which I take my bath and get off for training by After training, sometimes I relief my wife and go to the market to buy some food stuffs while in the evening I watch television programmes particularly football.
My kind of dressing
All my life as a coach, I have loved wearing track suits because I always get involved in training. It has been long I wore jeans or any other wears. I remember wearing suits in one of the continental matches but since then, I have not worn it again. In fact, I can’t be caught in any other wears except in track suits. And I like the Addidas or Puma types. Sometimes, I force  my wife to wear other wears like the Nigeria traditional attires to church.
I also like canvass shoes, trainers and snickers alongside good wristwatches but I don’t wear watches always . I also like good perfumes.
Mood and dressing
My mood does not affect what I wear.  But on very rare occasions I’ve changed into something other track suits.
Life in Warri
Life in Warri’s good, I’m happy in Warri and my relation with everybody I am involved with is very cordial. For the moment I am fully committed to the cause of Warri Wolves. I must say I have enjoyed a good rapport with the management  and staff of the club. The only thing I don’t like about Warri is the weather condition which is similar to the Belgium weather where it rains always, compared to when I was in Kaduna.
Me and female fans
I always manage my female fans with respect whenever they appreciate me but no intimacy as I’m married to a Nigeria. I remarried after my first wife died of cancer in Belgium. Bu we  were separated before she died.
Meeting my Wife
My wife’s beauty got me attracted to her . Meeting her was love at first sight. When I met her she was a very young and beautiful woman. I met her in Turkey after which we exchange contacts. I told her that we could see when I come to Nigeria, funny enough, after our first meeting in Turkey; I met her again soon after in Nigeria.
I would say meeting my Nigerian wife has being a blessing in disguise; for me a lot of attitudes have changed completely, especially in my praying manners. Meeting my wife, has taught how to pray as she takes me to church and also teaches me to pray always . Before now, I didn’t believe in praying even when I was in Belgium.
But when I came to Nigeria, I learnt so many good things from her that have changed me. I think it is a very good thing. Each time I go back to my country for holiday and I  want to eat I  always  pray before and after eating. My son was surprised at my new attitude because he knew Iwasn’t doing that before. I think Nigeria, through my wife has taught me to always pray and also to believe in God . I would say, she has been a source of blessing to me.
I was a heavy smoker when I was in Belgium but when I  came to Nigeria I stopped for awhile and later continued when I was with Enyimba and other clubs. But later on, I realised that my wife was not comfortable with it. After much pressure from her I had to stop smoking. I did last year. And since then, I have not smoked. For drinking, I don’t drink much but sometimes I take a bottle of beer to unwind.
Outside coaching
I don’t do much outside coaching other than to watch football when I’m less busy . I’m a television freak especially, football events. Sometimes, I could stay in doors all  day long, watching football. In fact, my live revolves around football and I hope to die on my bed someday  watching football.
My best meat/fruits
I can eat Indomie and spaghetti every day but I can’t eat Nigerian foods. I could remember in Belgium when some players invited me to a Nigerian restaurant to eat. For the first time I tried taking pepper soup and Eba  but it was like my mouth was on fire that day. After that encounter, I swore never to eat it again.

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