Saturday, 25 August 2012

Movie Trailer: Are You Ready For The 'Awakening'?!!! Starring OC Ukeje & Kehinde Bankole

It has been long anticipated in social media circles, but it is finally here. This is  the first official trailer for the dark Nigerian thriller 'Awakening'. The film was directed by James Omokwe and Ethan Okwara. Produced by Theresa Ananenu, 'Awakening'  stars OC Ukeje , Kehinde Bankole, Bryan Okwara, Femi Brainard and Adewale Aroloye. Enjoy the first trailer below, as trailer 2 will be released in another 3 weeks. There is also a mobile download version provided for mobile users.

When the contents of a box kept for centuries is opened, a series of events begin to unfold. Nicholas, a young advertising agent suddenly begins to have dreams that eventually become premonitions of death. In a bid to unravel the mystery he meets an ambitious journalist whose thirst for adventure leads them on a path to an unimaginable past and their futures are inextricably changed forever when they uncover the truth about a curse and the existence of an immortal tribe.

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