Tuesday, 21 August 2012

He was a thorn in my flesh? DJ Humility?s mother speaks

DJ Humility’s mother Mrs Janet Afagwu recently disclosed the hardship she went through bringing him up.
Afagwu told her story in the ongoing reality TV show, Supermom.
According to her, Benedict Afagwu, later to be named DJ Humility was a stubborn boy who refused to be trained in the way of the Lord as she had wanted to since he was her first born. Benedict would have none of that, and instead ran away from home to become a bus conductor.

‘He is my first child and I tried to bring my children up in the way of the lord but Ben was especially stubborn. He was a thorn in my flesh. There was nothing he didn’t do because of his independent nature. Things got worse when his father and I had to fend for the family all alone with no support from any quarter. Ben was so stubborn that he ran away from home to be a conductor’ the DJ’s mother said, adding that it was worrisome for her since his younger siblings looked up to him as the eldest child.
She however thanked God for what the popular DJ has become; expressing pride in his work and achievement.
DJ Humility who currently works with Rhythm 93.7 FM is one of NIgeria’s most popular DJs and the co-host of Top Ten on STV.

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