Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dear MOB Readers: How do I get my in-laws out of my home?

Dear MOB(mauriceosaxbloggers) readers, I married my husband in December 2010 and moved into a four bedroom duplex he owns but shares with other members of his family. My husband's mother, sister and brother lives with us. They've been living with him long before I married him but after I moved in he promised me he would eventually get them their own place. It's been over one year and a half now and they are all still living with us. It is not like they give me any problems but I want my own space, my own home. I've tried to get my husband to ask them to leave but he hasn't done anything about it. He's too attached to them and it's making married life very difficult for me. How do I get my in-laws to leave my house? Should I confront them since my husband has refused to do himself? Please help!

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