Saturday 30 August 2014

Husbands Should Not Be Playful With Their Wives?

Laughter?it heals and every time i get angry,laughter helps me get through...if you ain't laughing,you are in trouble!
''Hello BMB, 1st I must commend your effort on giving people hope and letting them know all will be well no matter what. 
Down to my issue, my wedding is in November ‎but right now I'm not sure I know the man I'm about to call husband. I finished my masters in April and moved down to Nigeria thinking seeing him physically will end all the fights we used to have over Skype and over the phone but my dear it only got worse.

His mum wants to plan my wedding and control everything even up to the pant I wear, and the worse part is he doesn't see anything wrong in it‎. His sister will say all sorts if I don't call her in a week, Infact out of forming sister inlaw I took her along for one of my shopping for the wedding only to get a call from her brother that she said I'm spending too much.

Now down to him, the only time I get to see his smile the most is when we want to make love or when he wants to ask for a favour‎. I used to think that was just his nature since he has a military father until his friend and his girlfriend came to spend a few days with us in Lagos, and since he was on leave I decided to spend some few days with him as well. 
BMB you need to see the way he relates with this girl, they laugh and watch TV together, he even went to get series for the both of them, and left me in the room alone while her boyfriend was out for an interview, at first I didn't know he was home until I heard him laugh.

I later asked him what was so special about the girl or what she did so I could learn and make a better wife and there I got the shocker of my life, he said its bad for a man to be too playful with his wife, that she will never respect him, that he will never let me lack material things but I will be asking for too much if I tell him to be playful with me.

 I cried out my eyes that night, would u believe he told them that I was having migraine and he doesn't want to disturb me, so they all left to the club without me, I woke up around 2am and didn't see anyone in the house only to find his shirt and boxers in the sitting room, meaning he changed in the sitting room so I don't wake up.

BMB this is only little out of the plenty things I'm made to face, I feel very reluctant to call off the whole thing because of my family, the preparations they have made is just out of this world. I don't know if I should just tell my parents or I should just keep fasting and praying and hope all will turn out well.

Please if there's anyone that has ever called off a wedding please and please advise me. Married women as well advice me how you cope, maybe I'm just been a child about it.
Thanks God bless you.''

*Honey the pic underneath is how it should be.....laughter will see you through the storm when it comes.

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