Thursday 15 May 2014

Halima Abubakar- I’m Not A Runs Girl

In a new interview with YES! Magazine, actress Halima Abubakar has said she is not a controversial actress and neither does she do runs. That I bought a car didn’t mean I slept around to buy it, she said. Enjoy part of the interview below…

People see you as a very controversial person. Is that who you really are or is it just a make-believe thing?

I’m not controversial. Why? People talk and the press write. Guess my name gives them (gossips) orgasm. I’m a simple home couch-loving lady. I love my bed, my comfort; whether there is spring or mat, I’m great at home. I don’t party. I feel like I don’t have fun and still not having fun, because I’m too serious and have been working since I was 13 years. But, it’s okay. I’m here making my own rules and making sure I follow them. I love meriting stuff, so I don’t cut corners. Hard work is better. You can sleep your way through, but it never lasts. I knew that from day one. When people reject me, I don’t worry because they are the ones missing and losing, not knowing how amazing I am. People love judging and as long as people love hearing hear says, then they add lies to sweeten the gist. So, how am I controversial? I’m always misunderstood by lots of people. Just because I don’t talk too much does not mean I’m unfriendly or arrogant. I’m just a calm-natured person. Not giving to stress. People have made me calm because of their constant gossips. I’m now like “Django”. I laugh and move on. I know that people still fight for me behind. So, God bless you all for the love.

Are you in any relationship now?

Yes. You all have been guessing about that, but una get strength, why una wan know my guy? Do you know if I have? I laugh when I hear stuff like this. I just laugh at the assumptions. I have always loved being with just one guy. I don’t do runs. Because I bought a car, gullible people are saying I do runs. So, because I want to buy a car, I will have to sleep around before I can get it? That’s silly. Everyone has become a judge and the main judges don’t have work to do again. Please, I’m too young to be in a hurry to get rich. God can bless you anytime with just one breakthrough, if you are okay, cool and contented.

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