Thursday 15 May 2014

Tighten the Vagina and Keep Away Any Bad Smells

Have you ever wondered once or twice or more, how tight your vagina was, or whether your vagina has a bad smell? If you're married or sexually active, you probably have. It will definitely be on your mind when you want to do the do or it's time for your partner to go 'down'.  I also talked about Vaginal Yeast Infection and Best Herbal Cure For Candida To Reduce Vaginal Itching. Read post to stop itching here.

For getting your vagina tight, I know Kegels are great and I practice them when I remember. By the way, am I the only one who gets aroused doing Kegel exercises?

About how to keep away the bad vagina smells, bear in mind that all vaginas have their own natural smell, maybe I should say scent. That unique scent  can be an aphrodisiac for your partner, but when your vagina starts smelling too fishy, there's something fishy.

You need to get rid of that smell from the inside out, and from the outside in. Below are the top 10 tips I found. See this post for the Part 2 with video.

1. Eat a good quantity of citrus fruits like Oranges and Lemons

2. I don't know what Indian Gooseberry is but it's supposed to help for OK vaginal odor

3. Add fresh yoghurt to your diet

4. Garlic is your friend, as it helps keep away bacterial infections

5. Tea Tree Oil is mentioned too, I've never used it. I know it's great for hair too.

6. Drink lots of water, of course.

7. Use water every time you use a toilet, a wipe may be better than tissue paper.  Avoid using douches. Wash your vagina with unscented soap or simple feminine wash for the external area only.

8. Keep the vaginal area clean and dry also keep your pubic hair short.

9. Choose cotton underwears or those with cotton in the vagina area. Or go commando, that is, without undies at all.

10. During your period, change your sanitary pads or tampons frequently and use panty liners during your ovulation.

I would love to hear your own ideas of getting rid of vaginal odor. Please leave a comment below.

PS, who can count how many times I said vagina in this post?

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