Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Gulder Ultimate Search 10’s First Identical Twins Evicted

As Gulder Ultimate Search 10 reaches mid-way, the hammer of eviction has fallen on three of the 12 contenders. Mary Adeboye, one of Gulder Ultimate Search 10’s identical twins, was evicted in the Octave Puzzle challenge. She was a member of the Swords tribe. 
The other two contenders that have fallen by the wayside are: Peter Ijeh and Ema Etido Ebong, both members of the Spears tribe.
While Peter lost out in the Log and Riddle Task, Ema was identified as the weakest link in the Spears tribe during the Cart Race challenge.  
Mary’s eviction occasioned by her poor performance in the Octave challenge and she had to battle Ifunanya Onike Michelle of the Spears in the eviction challenge. Ifunanya, who has proven her mettle as a leading contender for the Gulder Ultimate Search crown, beat Mary, hence her elimination. However, while the contest between Mary and Ifunaya lasted, Martha, Mary’s sister was visibly torn between supporting her sister and Ifunaya, her tribe member. 
Mary said being the first evictee of the Swords tribe hurt, but she added she was glad her sister was still in contention for the Gulder Ultimate Search 10 crown. She remarked: “I’m happy and excited that my sister (Martha) is still in the game. I’m not feeling bad that she is still in and I’m out because at the end of the day one of us will still have to leave for the other to stay.”
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Peter confessed that he possessed physical strength and would still be in the competition if it was based on brawn not brain. He admitted: “I believe if there was no puzzle I won’t have been evicted, I would have gone further. Going through the log, gong over obstacle courses and endurance stuff was not difficult for me because I’m more physical. If anybody had told me I would be out so soon I won’t have believed. I was a little bit disappointed because I can imagine my twin brother back home supporting me and all that; I feel I let him down.”
Ema attributed her early eviction to an injury she sustained when she crashed from a tree during one of the tasks. She noted: “During the last task I fell and hurt myself, it took me a while to get back my strength. I was really hurting but I didn’t want that to show and while I was just in the process of getting back my strength, I was evicted.”
Gulder Ultimate Search is Nigeria’s first 100% local content reality TV programme.

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