Saturday 3 August 2013

'It Was The Devil, I'm Sorry' - Evicted BBA Housemate Begs Boyfriend On Live TV For Flirting In The House

After dandling with Tanzania’s Nando during her stay in the Big Brother house, Ghana’s Selly has asked for her boyfriend’s forgiveness for all her misdeeds.

ModernGhana reports that while making a surprise guest appearance on The Late Nite Celebrity Show, Selly, as she is affectionately called pleaded for forgiveness from the hip-life artiste, a member of the duo, Praye, after her name was dragged in the mud for her supposedly sexual escapade with Tanzanian house mate, Nando.

‘I am very thankful for the opportunity given me. I want to thank my boyfriend, Praye Tietia and also use this opportunity to say I am very sorry (for all that happened),’ she said. ‘I am very sorry,’ she insisted.

The Ghanaian representative came under a lot of bashing from outside the house when she was caught on camera supposedly having sex with Tanzania housemate, Nando. Though she has denied that there was any sexual intercourse with her male counterpart, the Tanzanian has insisted otherwise saying he contracted an STD from Selly.

Nando in a conversation with fellow housemate, Bimp disclosed that Selly gave him chlamydia, a Sexually Transmitted Disease, after the incident.

When host, Laila Abubakari asked her about the possible winner of the show, she did not hesitate to mention Ghanaian housemate, Elikem, as her hopeful winner. Before making the proclamation, Elikem was up for possible eviction from the house the Sunday after Selly was confident he will stay in the house till the final day of the show.

Selly was evicted from the Big Brother The Chase house a week ago after getting less votes from Ghanaians. Running for a three month period, Big Brother Africa has got many glued to their television sets as they watch to vote for the best housemate who relates better and is able to play the human related game best until the last day.

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