Monday 11 February 2013

Munachi Abii Denies Dating Terry G

"I really don’t know where that story came from. Terry G and I ? Have you ever seen me with him before? I am not in any relationship with Terry G. When people don’t hear from you for a while, they just decide to talk about you, linking you with one person or the other to see if you will deny or accept it, just to make you say something," these were the words of Ex-beauty queen turned rapper, Munachi Abii, in a recent interview debunking rumours that she and Ginga Master, Terry G, are dating. 

However, on a lighter note, she welcomed the rumour, saying: "I don’t know where the news came from and I don’t know how they came about it [but] I appreciate it anyway because if people don’t talk about you, it means you are irrelevant. So, I am very grateful." 

The babe is a fine girl sha but I hear some olofofo people are saying she's not Terry G's class and that whoever is imagining the two as a pair is a dreamer. But I believe these people should learn to speak for themselves... anything can happen. Remember, never say never!

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