Tuesday 19 February 2013

Photos from Dare Art Alade's 'Love Like A Movie' Concert

Darey's show last night was incredible. The best show I've seen in Nigeria...hands down. I wouldn't know how to describe it even if I tried. But here's something I can tell you for sure. The success of the show had nothing to do with Kim Kardashian. It was all Darey, his wife and Soul Music. Kim K was there for like two seconds and took the next flight back home. She appeared at the beginning of the show, said a few words and vamoosed. Some people who paid to see her didn't get the chance.

She did the red carpet for several minutes, joined us at the pre-dinner event for like 10/15 minutes, did the photo-up with guests for a few minutes, then appeared on stage at the beginning of the show for like 20 seconds. That was it! Hope they didn't pay her more than N2, I was so annoyed.

But like I said, the show itself was a phenomenal. See more photos after the cut...



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