Sunday, 6 January 2013

Weird Substance Found In Five-Alive Juice

On 2nd of January, Lady G decided to have some juice after her meal, so she settled for Five alive orange juice. As she opened and poured it, She noticed some substance which she initially ignored, she poured more and saw more of the substance. Out of curiosity, she opened the pack. Lo and behold. She found this irritating stuff inside. She doesn't know what it is, because she couldn't bring herself to scoop it out. 

Five Alive is a product of the Coca-Cola company. I wonder what that stuff was doing inside.  I also wonder what NAFDAC is doing to protect Nigerians. NAFDAC take note, this product ought to expire on 08/08/13, so how did it pass through your quality control unit without been detected?

How can we be sure of the products we are buying? Hope we don't end up buying products that will harms us.

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