Sunday 6 January 2013

Sergio Aguero splits from Maradona's daughter after four-year relationship

Split: Aguero with his wife Giannina

Sergio Aguero has split with from his wife Giannina, Diego Maradona’s daughter, after a four-year marriage. Giannina is now believed to be living in Madrid with their three-year-old son Benjamin after confirming the news on Twitter.
She said ‘we’re separated’ before adding that it was ‘a difficult year’ and ‘there’s been a lot of changes’.
On Twitter, one fan said to Giannina: ‘Aguero doesn’t deserve you. He’s stupid and an idiot’ but she replied ‘Don’t say that, he’s the father of my son and he’s nothing like what you say he is.’

These "celebrities" and divorce eh! At the slightest provocation, it's DIVORCE. God help them.
Manchester City's Sergio Aguero celebrates scoring from the penalty spotAl-Wasl Club's Argentinian head coach Diego Maradona
Argentine legend, Diego Maradona is Sergio Aguero's father-in-law

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