Friday, 4 January 2013

Dear men: is a BJ that important to you guys?

This is very interesting... please could you pose this question to your male readers. Is a BJ that important to them that they would refuse to be in a relationship with a lady who would not give it to them? I think it is a disgusting act and I've vowed never to indulge in it and so in all the relationships I've been in I tell my boyfriends that I don't do BJs. They seem okay with it initially but after some time they start giving excuses not to be in a relationship with me anymore. I didn't know what the problem was until my last boyfriend opened up to me and said he couldn't stay in a permanent relationship with a woman who would not give him head and said it was probably the same reason all my past relationships didn't work out.
Are all the women out there giving their men BJs? Am I alone in this? Would I ever find a man who doesn't care if he gets head from me or not?
Hahaha! Well, here's my take. If you love a man, and you're in a committed relationship, and he's good to you, and he wants it...girl, you better take banana till you go yo! So dear men, is it that important to you folks?

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