Monday, 5 November 2012

Ph.D and Masters Degree Holders Apply as Drivers In Dangote's Company

The sad reality of unemployment in Nigeria has been highlighted by the number of applications from higher degree and first degree holders who sought employment as drivers in Dangote group. According to statistics, about 13,000 Nigerians submitted application but the company only needed 100 drivers.

Of the 13,000 applications received by the Dangote Group for the Graduate Executive Truck Driver, there were six Ph.D, 704 Masters and over 8,460 Bachelor degree holders.

Speaking during the mentor-ship meeting of the World Bank Youth Forum, Chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, said that the company needed just 100 drivers, but received the overwhelming applications.

Dangote said: “All these things are verifiable, and they all graduated from reputable institutions which is satisfactory; and our plan is to eventually make them self dependent.

“Despite the fact that the drivers get trip allowances on each trip along with their salaries, the arrangement is that they will own the trucks at no interests or repayments after they must have reached 300,000 kilometres, which is about 140 trips from Lagos to Kano and a hard working driver can complete in two years, while lazy ones can take maximum of four years.”

This indeed indeed an irony in country as blessed as Nigeria. If only corrupt politicians will allow things to work well in this country. In a growing economy, it is rather shocking that Ph.D and Masters degree holders are seeking placement as drivers.

Many analysts are of the opinion that the government in Nigeria have not done enough to generate employment for her citizens or support the private sector (small scale industries) to create jobs and employ more Nigerians.

The YouWIN and other such programmes are now seen as a scam meant to deceive the gullible.

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