Tuesday, 6 November 2012

O.C. Ukeje speaks on his Sugar Mummy issue- If You Want To Swallow Frogs, Swallow The Big Ones

Okechukwu Chukwudi Ukeje, popularly known as O.C Ukeje, won the 2007 Amstel Malta Box Office, AMBO, and did more than just win it, but worked his way into many hearts with an outstanding performance in the award-winning movie, Whitewaters.
He may well be the next Nollywood star to venture into music as he displayed his musical talents in musical movie ‘Hoodrush’ where he featured alongside Bimbo Akintola and another Nollywood star who has proven he can sing, Gabriel Afolayan.
Speaking to Funsho Arogundade on how excited he was playing the role of a singer in the movie which he believed could be a good way to show people he really can sing, he said; “It is really a good way to start because I haven’t officially put any songs on the radio.
“I am happy that my role in the film would actually showcase to the world that I can actually sing. And it is all written there in the script that we recorded the songs ourselves,” he said.
O.C. is achieving his dreams of becoming an international act as he featured in Jeta Amaka’s ‘Black November’ with international stars like Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Hakeem Kae-Kazeem and Vivica Fox. Watch out for him in the movie adaptation of Chimanmanda Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun, and also a movie titled ‘Rubicon’ shot in the U.K. in which he was the only home-based Nigerian to feature.
O.C. confessed he’s scared of older women as he advised anyone who is into them to make the best out of it.
“If you want to swallow frog; swallow the big ones,” he said.
Asked why he’s scared of older women, he said; “I am afraid of them because they seem to be more experienced. How would you deal with them since they have been on this earth far longer than you? They are more connected and know more people. You can’t toy with them.
“Even if you are into the relationship with an open-mind and want to back out after a while, what if the woman says no? That’s where the trouble begins. You either get stuck or be dealt with. So, I am conscious of all these.”
Asked if he had been approached by an older woman before, O.C. said: “Of course yes. I have been approached by quite a number of older women.”
O.C. Ukeje decried the demise of Amstel Malta Box Office, AMBO, the show to shot him into limelight. He wondered why acting is not taken seriously in Nigeria.
“That is why I keep saying that we (actors) are the least seriously considered in the entertainment industry. This is because for many years, we never took ourselves seriously and if you don’t take yourself seriously people would never respect you.
“See where music and dance are right now? See the state of comedy industry right now? It is all amazing. But we in the movie sector are the ones that are not seriously considered. It is so sad that AMBO was ruled out by the sponsors,” he said. Source: naijaxclusive

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