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Signs A Man Is In Love

Unlike women, who are very comfortable expressing their feelings, men in general are very stingy in terms of letting out how they feel. That’s why, many women are left wondering whether the man they are dating is in love with them or is he around just to have fun and a good time. So, if you find yourself in this situation, given below are some signs displayed by men when they are in love, to help you figure out where you stand vis-a-vis your relationship. Scroll down to know about the signs a man is in love…

10 Signs a Man is in Love

Introduces you To Everybody
One of the surest signs a man is in love with a woman is when he introduces her to his friends, colleagues, family and whoever cares to listen. It is a man’s way of marking his “territory”, of telling others that the woman is “taken”.

Has Eyes only For you
It is said that eyes speak more than words. It holds so true for the man in love! When a man is in love, he can not take his eyes off the woman. Men are visual creatures so when they have the woman they desire in front of them, they can not help but stare! Of course, if the woman notices or looks back, they are smart enough to divert their glances. If you find the man you are dating displaying this, one of the physical signs that a man is in love, it means you have him hook, line and sinker!

Pays Attention to You
Another sign that a man is in love with you is, if you find him listening and paying attention to whatever you say. If your man tries to know more and more about you, if he remembers your likes and dislikes, it shows he is falling in love.

Bares His Heart to You
One of the signs that a man is in love is when he is not afraid to be emotionally vulnerable in front of the woman. Does your man share his fears and weaknesses with you? Do you feel that he is very comfortable sharing his thoughts and feelings with you? If yes, it shows that he trusts and loves you. You may read more on signs of being in love. Men are not very communicative when it comes to talking about how they feel. And if he is sharing his feelings with you, it show that you are special to him!

Is Protective of You
Do you find your man always concerned about your well-being? If you have been out late at night, does he make it a point to drop you off home? If you are in some kind of trouble, does he leave his friends, work, everything, to be by your side? If you answered in affirmative for all these questions, it shows that the man you are dating is for keeps!

Makes you Happy
If you are thinking, “how to know if he loves you?”, one of the surest signs is that he will do anything under the sun to make you happy. He will go with you for shopping even though he hates the very thought! He will forgo buying the latest gadget but will make sure that you get what you want! He will throw surprises at you by taking you out on unplanned trips, in short he will do anything and everything to see a smile on your face!

Stays in Touch
Does your man call you or text you when you are in college or office, just to see how your day is going? Does he make it a point to meet you up often, even when he is busy at work? A man in love always maintains contact or tries to be in proximity with his lady-love. If your man is doing the same, it shows he is in love!

Is Committed
Men in love will not do anything to hurt their woman. They will respect her, care for her and will be faithful. So, if your man is dating you exclusively, has never cheated on you and when talking of his future, includes you in it, it shows that he is very serious about his relationship with you.

Lets You Have Your Way
If the man you are dating gives in to all your wishes, if he does not mind you being bossy or deciding on most of the things, including the furniture of his house, how you both will spend the weekend, etc, it shows that he likes the changes that you initiate in his life!

Says “I Love You” Umpteen Times

A man in love is not afraid to tell it to the woman. So, if your man calls you up in the middle of the night and says he loves you, if in the middle of watching a movie he says he loves you, if while driving the car he tells you he loves you, if he repeats this over and over again, it shows that he has deep feelings for you!

After going through the “signs that a man is in love” given above, you must have gauged what your man’s feeling are towards you. Here I would advise, do not just go by these signs, ask yourself, what does your gut feeling say? If you feel that he is genuine and that he cares and loves you like no one else, you can consider taking the relationship one step further with him. However, if your heart tells you to “wait and watch”, do not ignore it! Take some more time in knowing him. After all, you deserve the best in love and life!

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