Thursday, 13 September 2012

Katie Holmes Moves on from Tom Cruise with Her Fashion Debut

Just two months after A-list couple Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise parted ways, Holmes has found her rebound: fashion. The actress formerly known as Mrs. Cruise jumpstarted a career as a fashion designer just prior to her divorce and the breakout fashionista debuted her first line ever, Holmes & Yang, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in New York City Wednesday.

While Holmes' fashion debut was anticipated for anyone used to writing celebrity headlines, Wednesday's presentation was closed to most members of the media. And while the actress already has a marketable name attached to her clothing line (her own, of course), buyers might not jump at the buzzy bait. "When you go in and you show your clothing, you think that they’re going to buy the whole collection,” she told WWD during an interview on Tuesday. “And when they don’t, you’re like, ‘What do you mean? It all goes together. So what do we do with this?’ So that was new, but I think that’s kind of a life thing — ‘What, you don’t want all of me?’”

The Cruise girls don't really seem like they are women who take no for an answer — but this whole fashion business is a new game for Holmes. Only time will tell if Holmes' eye for fashion will allow her name to stand alongside Donatella Versace, Diane von Furstenberg, and Vera Wang's. As for her daughter, Suri Cruise? No doubt the fashion-forward tyke will soar in the industry.

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