Thursday, 13 September 2012

Betrayed By My Friend on Facebook

I got this email from one of our readers and i've decided to publish it for your opinion. Read below
I am a 25 year old single mum of two girls,a few years ago I was raped by a close friend of my brother after spiking my drink on a nite out. I was so ashamed when I discovered I was pregnant, got depressed and thought of killing myself but I found the strength to overcome my sorrow and had the child. Nobody knew about my situation apart from my BestFriend whom I confided in. My friend and I fell out over a trivial issue some months back and we have since made up .
I was surprised last week when I got a message from one of my other friends on Facebook about what happened to me and the paternity of my child .
Someone had sent anonymous messages to all my Facebook friends telling them my secret. I know it's my friend behind it and I can't face the world anymore. Should I confront her or leave it to God for vengeance.

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