Monday, 3 December 2012

Jonathan Would Leave Office In 2015 — OBJ

At 75 Obasanjo is alleged to be seriously concerned about the direction of the country. But even more, the former president is said to be worried about the import of President Jonathan seeking another term in office in 2015 and the consequences of that on the polity.

Obasanjo it is believed to have assured northern political stakeholders ahead of the 2011 general elections that President Jonathan would exit in 2015 and allow the presidency to return to the north.

However, no sooner than after the last presidential elections the former president it was learnt began to sense plans by President Jonathan to seek a second term in 2015 and allegedly became discomfited over the development.

Whether Obasanjo voiced his objection to the incumbent president is not known, but his action in resigning from the Board of Trustees of the PDP is believed to be his first action to distance himself from the collateral damages that may ensue from whatever plans Jonathan has for a second term.

Known for his nationalistic tendencies, Obasanjo it was learnt, believes that at 75 he still has one last mission to prevent Jonathan from self destruction or destruction of the polity through a second term.

The mosque project was perhaps the first in the unfolding strategy of Obasanjo, an Owu-born Christian.

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